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Customer Care

This special antique collection of Chrysoprase carvings and Cabochons has been in the family for many years and now available for sale.  They are a wonderful collection of carvings and stones all having been created from quality chrysoprase gemstone.

We understand that such high class carvings will need to be verified by you to be as described and shown in the photos so we are more than willing to meet your requests to establish that these are the genuine deal.  We can do live "face to face" video with you with the carvings as well as send you additional photos should you wish.  You may also wish to get a valuer to inspect them before purchase which is most acceptable by us. 

Payment is to be made to bank account before shipping is made with the shipment to be insured in case of any unfortunate mishaps in transit.

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is guaranteed with no digital online record keeping taking place.  All sales will be recorded the old fashioned receipt way and packaging of your gemstone will be completely protected with the utmost of care.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Unless otherwise arranged all payments are to be made directly to our bank account.

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